Local government policies affect your life every day, but local elections have historically low voter turnout and are commonly decided by a very narrow margin of votes. Additionally, women are underrepresented in government. They account for only 20% of U.S. Congress, even though they are 51% of the U.S. population. On a local level, there has never been a female mayor in Chattanooga, there are only two women on the Hamilton  County Commission, two on Chattanooga City Council, and we’ve never had a female governor for Tennessee. It’s time for equality.

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Hamilton County TN Election Commission

Hamilton County Election Commission

Have you ever checked out the website for your local election commission? I know it sounds super boring, but trust me – there’s some highly useful information there. For example: Quick link to online voter registration and registration update Complete list of ALL your current elected officials (and when their term is up) Financial disclosures from your … Continue reading Hamilton County Election Commission