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I provide support services for the communications, project management, and strategic planning needs of small businesses, nonprofits, and female political candidates. Levels of service are flexible, so you can contract with me for a few hours per month or a few hours per week.

Think of it this way – it’s like buying sanity. Have a new project to launch but no one to manage all the moving parts? Need communications support yesterday, but don’t want to commit to hiring permanent staff?  Send me an overview of your needs below and I will contact you to schedule an exploratory meeting. If I can’t help you myself, I’ll refer you to a few fabulous women who can.

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About the founder

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Holly Ashley, Founder

Holly Ashley has been in nonprofit administration for 14 years, and if you’ve ever worked for a nonprofit, you know a job description is a fairly loose concept. Holly has done everything from operate a pallet jack, to organize a press conference, to manage a board of directors. She’s had job titles from administrative assistant to Executive Director and nearly everything in between. Her undergraduate degree in Human Services Management taught her how to build community, while her MBA taught her how to market and monetize just about anything. Take a peek at her LinkedIn profile if you like.

Holly started ladyHUMANS to be her own boss so she can blend politics, community engagement, and personal life into a beautifully authentic way of living.